Battle Creek authorities thought they had located the car that had fallen into the Kalamazoo River over the weekend, but as they worked to recover it Monday, they realized it must have moved.

The City of Battle Creek says Monday evening that crews spent 6 hours searching for where they believed the vehicle to be, at the junction where the Battle Creek and Kalamazoo Rivers meet. However, nothing was turned up.

Calhoun County Sheriff Matt Saxton told 95.3 WBCK Monday morning that the river junction is a very dangerous point in the river, and said that the Calhoun County Dive Team almost lost a diver there several years ago.

Tuesday, crews will work further downstream, using sonar to try and find the Hyundai Sonata that is believed to have fallen into the river Saturday morning. As well, authorities are now following a lead that might help them identify the potential driver of the Hyundai; a 31-year-old Detroit man was reported missing on Sunday, and the man has connections to Battle Creek.

As well, his cell phone was last used in the area of the crash on Dickman near Capital Ave, and a Hyundai similar to the one believed to be submerged had been rented by the man’s girlfriend.

Authorities say that they are treating this as a recovery operation, not a rescue. The Battle Creek Police and Fire Departments were joined by the Emmett and Bedford Township Fire Departments, along with crews from Calhoun, Allegan, Van Buren and St. Joseph counties.

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