Everything, slowly but surely (no, I'm not calling you Shirley) seems to be turning positive this year. This means we'll probably be drinking a Michigan beer or two, hopefully sooner than later. And the folks in Bellaire, Short's Brewing are ready.

This first choice was popular last summer, so Short's is bringing back. It's "Refreshin’ Session" — and what it is, is a limited edition 12 pack with four choices. Short's Local's Light (their American Lager), Then, look for Soft Parade Seltzer, which is a lighter, seltzer version of Soft Parade Fruit Ale. The other two choices, Short's says, are "Lil’ Sticky", a low-abv, low-cal IPA (inspired by their summer seasonal Sticky Icky Icky which has a resinous hop aroma and bitterness) and "Nitro Furry Buddy" Short's first foray into the canned nitro packaging. It's a nitrogenated light session stout. (A little googling comes up with an interesting explanation because the terms "session" and "Stout" sound mutually exclusive, but the promise is big flavor but low ABV.

Short's says "Lil' Huma" is back, after debuting in the Refreshin' Session last year. It's a low calorie - low carb IPA. And also, Soft Parade Shandy is back this year. Soft Parade Shandy. The pr says "More refreshing than a state fair lemonade on a hot summer’s day, Soft Parade Shandy delivers all the berries of its big sister, Soft Parade, but blended with homemade lemonade for an extra quenching burst of flavor".

Now, here's the old favorit, actually two. Short's bought the rights and recipes to a few of Arcadia Brewing's beers, before the Kalamazoo brewer went belly up. Whitsun Ale is back again this year, and a Facebook post promises a return of Loch Down, which was Arcadia's Scotch Ale.

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