With the arrival of Short's Third Quarter Beer Release list is a fact that just jumps out at you somewhat out of nowhere; it's almost the third quarter of 2021 already. Days are getting shorter, the days of summer are counting down, so maybe it's time to try a new beer or two, and any beer that dares be named "Sticky Icky Icky" is a good starting point.

(A lesson learned years ago: Don't let the goofiness of the name of the beer scare you off. 3 Floyd's "Yum Yum" was a very drinkable Session Ale )


So let's start with "Sticky Icky Icky". the numbers on it are these: It's an American India Pale Ale and it clocks in 7.1% ABV. Whoever wrote the description may want to rethink using the word "dank" as in "Dive into the dank with Sticky Icky Icky, a resiny and classic American IPA loaded with Amarillo, Citra, Mosaic, and Galaxy hops...Radiantly clear, copper-colored and full of grapefruit and melon notes."

Next up is "Short's Shandy". It's an American Lager with Lemonade and only 4.1% ABV, so it's a perfect beer for after mowing the lawn.

Sours are one of those either you love them or you hate them beers, but if you love them, Sour Parade comes in at 7.0% so it might be a little more potent than your average sour.

The final July release is Melt My Brain (another great name) Short's says it's an experimental Golden Ale, but at 4%, so it's hard to see how it will melt your face.


Controversiale is an American IPA at 6.6%. It features Simcoe hops, and some grapefruit.

S’more Stout is an interesting concept in that stouts are generally associated with winter and s'mores scream summer campouts. And it's a hefty 8%..

Island Chomper is a Double American IPA, and again. Tread carefully, it's 9.8%. The release says it's like putting a fruit basket to your nose, but still has the bitterness of an IPA..


The Pure Michigan IPA is a deal with the state's Pure Michigan campaign. It sounds like a straight ahead IPA.

Cute name -Tribe Called Zest – is a Double IPA, with plenty of wallop at 9.9% ABV.

Short's is also releasing "Partea" a sparkling hard tea.

It sounds like folks in Michigan won't have any trouble finding a beer (or tea) to drink the rest of the summer.

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