It seems like, in current times, there's a "smart" everything, right? Smart refrigerators, smart speakers, smart homes, and so on. But, have you ever heard of a smart recycling bin?

Back in June of 2021, a Twitter fan account for downtown Kalamazoo reported that,

Twenty-five internet-connected, dual unit, recycling/trash receptacles have been ordered for the Central Business District. Recyclables placed in the current one, outside Mall Plaza, are thrown into the trash.

Now, six months later, it looks like those recycling bins have finally been delivered to the downtown Kalamazoo area:

The smart bins are made by a company called BigBelly, a world leader in smart waste and recycling, according to their website.

BigBelly offers a number of different products. While it's unclear exactly which model has been installed in downtown Kalamazoo, a comment on Kalamazoo's Reddit page speculates that it's the High Capacity Double Station. These bins are solar-powered, have a foot pedal (you don't have to touch any lids), and are said to communicate via the internet when they become full. You can read more here.

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The goal is to make sure that recyclable products are actually being recycled, contrary to what was happening before. Plus, these bins will make it easier and more accessible for everyone to recycle their products while walking around downtown Kalamazoo.

To get a better idea of how the bins work, check out this video from BigBelly:

As mentioned above, 25 of these smart bins have been installed in downtown Kalamazoo so be on the lookout during your next visit.

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