Raina Huang travels the world and takes on food challenges that will entertain you and shock you.  She recently took on a Kalamazoo eating challenge.

The 26-year-old content creator has an impressive following on social media.  As of June 14th, 2021, she has nearly 2 million followers on TikTok.  She also has nearly 94 million total video views on YouTube.  Those numbers are incredible.  However, there are stats I found on her official website that are even more impressive.  Raina has won 438 eating challenges and/or contests.  She's only lost 35.  If fact, she has it all documented.  You can watch each win or loss by clicking here.

One of those victories just happened recently in Kalamazoo.  The Big Burrito's "Don't Even Think About It" challenge is a big one.  You have 12 minutes to eat a 4 pound burrito.  This thing is 3 feet long and is fully loaded.  The meal is $30.99.  Unless you complete the challenge.  Then the burrito is free, you get a t-shirt and your name on the wall of fame.  Let's just say that Raina did not need 12 minutes to consume this gigantic plate of Mexican food.  She just posted these videos on TikTok from her Saturday Kzoo visit.

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Raina Huang knocked that big burrito back in less than five minutes.  4 minutes and 52 seconds to be exact.  How on earth did she do that?  Would you believe she has a "how-to" section on her website to help answer that question?  The real question is, "how can you stay so skinny while eating so much food, so fast?"

Get info on Raina's tours along with all of her social media links from her website: rainaiscrazy.com.

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