Today marks one of my favorite days on the calendar. National Cheeseburger Day. A day to celebrate that mouthwatering delicatessen known as the master of meat, the king of beef, the duke of beefburgers.  Sure everyone loves a variety of vegetables and condiments to pile onto a thick juicy cheeseburger but I want you to give some thought to adding one more item to compliment that masterpiece you've built. Try anyone of the following and let me know your thoughts.

Taco Seasoned Fries:

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Taco seasoned fries can bolster an already flavorful cheeseburger by design. This means suit to taste. By adding a small amount taco seasoned fries you can capture only a hint of flavor. To make it rain taco flavor in your mouth, throw a heaping load on that sucker and chow down.

Grilled Corn:

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Nothing beats some really warm grilled corn fresh off the grill, with the exception of grilled corn spilled over the top of a big fat juicy cheeseburger.  Give this one a shot and let me know what you think - bet you love it!


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Don't let the controversial soft or hard pretzel choice consume you. Trust me, save yourself all that drama, this argument will rage on long after we're gone from this planet. In the meantime, try it both ways before you make a choice. Personally I prefer the crunch of hard pretzels over soft, but to each his own.

 Fritos Corn Chips:

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One of my favorite ways to adorn a cheeseburger and quite frankly since Taco Bell eliminated the Frito Burrito, the only good food left to match up with Fritos. Here's another version of a cheeseburger topping you can suit to taste.  Want just a hint of crunch and corn flavor, use the regular size or pour it on with more big bold flavor and go with scoops.  For a wildly different direction, top with Fritos Chili Cheese, you honestly can't go wrong with any style or flavor of Fritos.

Corn Nuts:

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You can find Corn Nuts in the snack section of any store but just a warning. Corn Nuts are extremely crunchy.  You could break a tooth on these damn things but man oh man what a rush when you combine the right bite of meat and nuts.  Ahem...I maybe getting carried away here, its just I'm a big fan of Corn Nuts and all things crunchy, so I may get a little out of hand when describing delicious food.

There you go. Now get out there this weekend and try em all if you dare and let me know what you think.  Now if you'll excuse me, I have to head to the store and pick up some Happy National Cheeseburger day Hallmark cards to send out.

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