They said it would never work.  It would never catch on.  Strangers, not cab drivers, using their own vehicles to transport people for money.  Frankly, I was one of those people thinking it's like being a hitch-hiker and getting picked up by a strange lunatic.  Then there was Air BnB.  THAT will never work.  People letting total strangers live in their house for money.  But here we are with several platforms to chose from in this crazy, wacky world.

So it only makes sense that we transition to Uber for boats.  Or is it an Air BnB for boats?  Call it what you want be if this is something that you're looking for you can now find it in our area.  It's a company and an app called GetMyBoat and it gives you the opportunity to pick whatever they have available wherever they have availability.  There it is.  People offering their watercrafts to total strangers for money.  God bless America.



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