I don't know what we have to do to get the internet sensation StaleKracker to come up from the bayou to attend the Kalamazoo Charity Gumbo Cook-Off next year, but I'm willing to be a part of it. The announcement was just made about the annual event and I'm already excited about it:

Join us for Louie's 17th Annual Charity Gumbo Cook-Off & Crawfish Boil!
Sunday, February 26, 2023
A full day of fun will your favorite local Kalamazoo area establishments battling for best GUMBO in Kalamazoo.
-Sample your way through the gumbo goodness, and vote for your favorite!
- Feast on our crawfish boil flown in fresh from Louisiana.
- Full bar inside, beer and liquor bars outside as well in a fully enclosed heated tent.

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Who The Hell Is StaleKracker?

Justin Chiasson, known online as StaleKracker is the guy you've most likely seen on Reels who is starting to gain national attention for his fun attitude, amazing cooking talents, and generous personality, giving back to the community by feeding them, as he talks about his upbringing and patented cajun spice on his website:

Growing up in South Louisiana, my Paw Donald would add cayenne pepper to his dishes and he called it Da Cajun Two Step. We wanted to create the perfect spice blend that can be used to step up any dish. This is it and it can be used on anything and EVERYTHING!!! Put it on a Cracka, dude!

Do yourself a favor and check these videos out below and tag him to see if we can get him up here for the big event. I've been in love with all of his recipes and watching him master the art of Cajun cooking. If we can get him up here in Kalamazoo...

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