There are some incredible comeback stories for entertainers, and Jackass star Steve-O may be the greatest one of all. After battling addiction, Steve-O has been riding a wave of positivity and sobriety for nearly 14 years, and with the soon to be released Jackass Forever, he doesn't seem to be negatively affected by these intense stunts. Last Thursday, Stephen Gilchrist Glover as he's less known by, was set to bring his Bucket List Tour to the Kalamazoo State Theatre. After getting set up, he chose to swing over to Taco Bobs to grab some lunch:

Giving a special shoutout and thanks to Steve-O and his service dog Wendy for enjoying lunch at Taco Bob's Downtown Kalamazoo Mall location yesterday before his show! We hooked him up with a couple of our delicious vegetarian burritos!

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Steve-O's Service Dog From Peru

Steve-O dropped a video on his Youtube a few years ago, talking about how his doctor formally recommended that he get a service dog:

When I went to Peru I fell in love with this street dog named Wendy, and right away I thought she could be a real candidate. She was so friendly, so dedicated to me; so capable. So I adopted her and brought her home to make her a service dog. Here's a dog who never would have known toys exist, snd she's crazy about them.

The show in Kalamazoo was a success and Steve-O was cool enough to make his rounds outside and around the venue, taking pictures with fans all day.

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