A park in Emmett Township has large pieces of history in it. You can learn even more about the pieces as you walk across them over creeks and wetlands Saturday and Sunday.

The Calhoun County Office of Community Development announced guided tours through Historic Bridge Park on September 7th and 8th. The park is located at 14930 Wattles Road in Battle Creek.

This free event gives residents an opportunity to learn about the history of metal truss bridges in West and Southwest Michigan. Vern Mesler will give the one-hour tours at 11am and 2pm each day.

Mesler was the original project manager of the park in 1997 and over the next decade worked with the Calhoun County Road Commission to bring the truss bridges to the park for their historic resting place. He has also worked on other bridge restoration projects in the Midwest.

Each of the five metal truss bridges in the park have their own story, and Mesler will provide all the details behind their initial build, the deconstruction, restoration and the move to the park. It's also a perfect opportunity to venture the park with its lush natural areas in full spectacle.

For more information on this rare opportunity to learn even more about the event, contact the Calhoun County Parks and Recreation office at 269-781-0782.

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