For hardcore fans of horror films and shows, there's one highly underrated actor who has played dozens of hilarious and terrifying roles that needs some serious recognition: Ted Raimi. The younger brother of Sam Raimi has been a part of the horror genre since the 80s and was allegedly seen walking around a Kalamazoo Meijer and/or Trader Joes, according to a post that popped up on Facebook:

I heard a rumor that Ted Raimi was spotted shopping in Kalamazoo. Please tell me it's not his doppelganger and it's really truly him!

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Impact In Horror

Ted's brother Sam has been responsible for many horror greats like the Evil Dead series, Doctor Strange and the Multi-verse of Madness (which also had a cameo from Evil Dead's Bruce Campbell, a WMU Alumni), as well as the original Spider-Man films. He's also responsible for Don't Breathe, It Follows and Drag Me To Hell.

Ted has earned his roles in many of the films and shows he's appeared in with his brother and friends. He played the grudging role of Henrietta in Evil Dead 2 where he had to struggle for hours covered in a suit made of rubber & urethane.

Throughout his career, he's also appeared in Xena, Supernatural, and even had a role in the film "Kalamazoo?" as the character Angel.

So MAYBE he did pop by. I'm not sure if he really was in Kalamazoo, but I reached out to him nonetheless in the hopes that he'll return at some point. Thanks for the years of entertainment Ted.

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