There was a new set of bills passed in Michigan recently that will drastically change how many dogs are put to death through euthanasia every year, as Senate Bill 149. and Senate Bill 148 have both been passed.

But what do these bills do and how will it impact animals and their rate of keeping their life? A Senate Fiscal Agency summary drawn up in June stated that animals must now be given a chance at life before being put to sleep:

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What Is "Teddy's Law In Michigan?

Taken together, the bills would require a research facility to first offer a dog or cat that would otherwise be euthanized to an animal shelter for adoption and prescribe administrative fines for failing to do so. They would provide research facilities and shelters with civil liability immunity in the transfer of the animals.

St. Clair Shores City Councilman Dave Rubello expressed his excitement for the passing of the bill which proved a little difficult to pass with the lack of urgency by the State House, as C & G News reported:

It was always a priority for us and so we continued to work on it, and thankfully as I moved over to the Senate and this legislative session we were able to get the support of both the committee chairs in the Senate and the House and move the bills forward. These bills introduced will now make it possible for them to live in regular homes and stuff, be adopted out through special adoption agencies for dogs and cats. So, great feeling. It’s been a three-year fight, and a lot of people worked hard.

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