Imagine being woken in the middle of the night in sheer terror. There's fire. Everywhere. You're 15-years-old and you're watching everything you've ever possessed engulfed in tongues of heat and smoke. You run. You survive. But you have nothing.

That's just what happened to 15-year-old Taylor Croff of Three Rivers. Her family home met with tragedy Sunday, and although they are certainly thankful that everyone made it out safely, Taylor lost everything. Her clothes. Her books. Comfort items she's had since childhood. Her sister, Tina Fuster, a Kalamazoo Jaycee, isn't trying to replace every lost item. She's trying to get Taylor what she needs.

  • Pants: Size 8
  • Shirts: Medium
  • Shoes: Size 7
  • Young Adult books
  • Comfort items
  • Money to replace her phone

Family friend Nikki Dobos says, "Taylor is a super rad punk rock 15-year-old," so anything fun and funky would help her start healing. Dobos continued, "Donations can be done thru Anna's PayPal with the subject For Tina and Taylor."

Anything and everything is much appreciated.

***Update*** The house was a total loss. All three residents lost everything. They are looking for: 2X/3X yoga style leggings, sizes 16 and 22 jeans, XL pajama pants, 2X/3X tops, shoes size 7 1/2

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