It isn't every day that I get a text from a coworker saying, quote, "There's a groundhog in your car," but such was a message I received just after 8:00 this morning. (Just try saying that without sounding like Woody from Toy Story.) This was followed by said coworker, Dana Marshall from our sister station, 103.3 KFR, coming in to the RKR studio and asking to borrow my car keys.

"What do you mean a 'groundhog is in (my) car'?" I asked, a little confused, picturing a crafty little pile of fuzz behind the wheel and on the lap of Bill Murray like in Groundhog Day.

"I just watched the little guy crawl up inside your engine."

Oh. Well, that makes much more sense. Not quite as whimsical as my daydream, but definitely more logical.

So the three of us march outside, Mike McKelly, Dana Marshall, and I, on a mission to free a certainly very frightened animal all while hoping it doesn't think we're attacking and decide to eat my face off.  Do groundhogs eat faces? Is that just Drop Bears? I digress...

Dana was able to get the animal to drop back on to the pavement, only to be scared right back up when it saw Mike and me standing near the car. Thinking we'd have a better chance of freeing the groundhog if we gave it some space and didn't crowd it, Mike and I stepped back toward the radio station and let Dana, the Woodchuck Whisperer, finish the job.

I'm very happy to announce that the groundhog I've named Wilford Brimley did make his escape and run off in to the fields behind the station. Enjoy your freedom, Wilford Brimley!


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