The family behind the Kalamazoo area's iconic Greek diners, Theo & Stacy's is closing and selling their Portage Road location.

The small chain, which includes locations downtown and on Westnedge, announced on their Facebook page:

Recently we were approached by a local restaurateur asking if we would consider selling our Portage Road location. After careful consideration and significant family discussions we have decided to accept their offer.

The family behind Theo & Stacy's says the other locations are not closing. Rather, they intend to update the menu and decor at the downtown and Westnedge locations.

The Portage Road restaurant closes on November 27.

Not surprisingly curious diners replied to Theo & Stacy's Facebook post hinting at the "local restaurateur" purchasing their business and wondering who that might be and what new restaurant would be coming near the Airport and intersection with I-94. The family, however, is not able to make that information public at this time.

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