Wrestlemania is the biggest event each year for WWE and there is rumors that the big event could be making it's return to the Motor City.

According to the story at The Detroit News,  there has been speculation around the internet with a couple of wrestling blogs, Wrestlezone and Pro Wrestling Times writing that WWE could be bringing it's big event to Detroit in 2019.

They say that Detroit has beaten out Philadelphia and New York City.  WWE has only announced that the next Wrestlemania will be in New Orleans in April.  That was announced back the first of the year.

If this does happen this will be the third time the big pay per view is in Detroit.  It would follow Wrestlemania 3 and Wrestlemania 23.  Those taking place at The Silverdome and Ford Field.

Along with the two Wrestlmania's, Detroit has hosted three "Survivor Series"  a "Royal Rumble" and recently held "Hell In A Cell" at the new Little Caesars Arena.

We will see if this ends up happening but for now it's all speculation.  Would you be excited to see another Wrestlemania in Detroit?

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