As a book lover, I will admit that buying the latest book on Amazon can be quite convenient. Especially, if you're a kindle user. But, darn it, that Jeff Bezos has enough money!

If you're, instead, looking to support local and independent bookstore owners, we have several in the SW Michigan area that, I'm sure, would appreciate it. And, if you hate leaving your house, here's the good news: most of these stores also offer online shopping and delivery.

Whether you're looking for a new cheesy romance, something in the Sci-Fi realm, or perhaps some non-fiction, these 6 independently owned bookshops in SW Michigan should have exactly what you're looking for:

To Heck With Amazon! Shop These 6 Independent SW Michigan Bookstores Instead

Look, we all know how much money Jeff Bezos has. So, instead of giving him more, let's support our locally owned bookshops instead!

Take that, Bezos!

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Now, not everyone can afford to buy books, new or used. And, that's okay. Here in SW Michigan, we have plenty of affordable, local bookstores, yes, but we also have local libraries. A few of them have even done away with late fees for the most part. Check them out below:

If you were or are a fan of the Michigan Chillers book series, it turns out you can find the real-life locations that inspired them quite easily. Take a look:

Real Life Locations of "Michigan Chillers" Books

If you remember reading Jonathan Rand's "Michigan Chillers" series, you'll love to look back on the locations used as inspiration for the 15 books that featured some of our favorite Michigan destinations.

Check Out All the Book Covers From Fox In The Vineyard

The following are all the designs Fox In The Vineyard has available, but she is always available for special requests. Everything from Harry Potter, Star Wars, Disney, Dinosaurs, and everything in-between is available, as you can see from the photos below.



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