For die-hard wrestling fans who want to be as close to the action as possible, they know that sometimes the action will come a little too close for comfort. Even worse, there may be times when an occasional bump may take place that makes its way to your lap. It’s all a part of the high-risk high reward experience of seeing professionals express their craft up close and personal. One young girl from Kalamazoo and her father got the experience of a lifetime recently when All Elite Wrestling was up in Grand Rapids this past weekend.

It was after the match where the wrestler Thunder Rosa had won and was celebrating with her championship belt. The young girl's father told me what happened in detail. Jacquelyn is 9 years old and though this wasn't her 1st wrestling event it was her 1st tv taping she got to go to with her dad Bryan:

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The First Gift

So we never were even supposed to be 3rd row because I got tix for section 124. We got VIP meet and greet passes and we're In line to meet the Acclaimed Anthony Bowens and Max Caster. This random couple came up to us and asked what tickets we had and if we wanted to sit on the floor. They got last-minute front row seats and wanted to find a random kid and adult to gift their original tickets to, in pay it forward kinda way. The couple then gifted us the 3rd-row seats via ticket master transfer service.



Why She Came

Jacquelyn was most excited to see Thunder Rosa Vs Jamie Hayder w/ Britt Baker because two of her favorites are Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker:

After the match ended you can see that as Thunder Rosa is coming up to Jacquelyn, Jacquelyn sticks her arm out. Because it is typical for the wrestler to high-five fans after a hard-fought win. Little did Jacquelyn know Thunder Rosa would jump over the barricade. Thus knocking Jacquelyn over. It all happened so fast, saw Thunder Rosa come over to us, and the next thing I know Jacquelyn is on the ground. So I picked her up and then Thunder Rosa gave her a huge hug and celebrated the win. As we went to sit back down and wait for the next match a security guard came over to us and said to Jacquelyn "Hey, Thunder Rosa is so sorry she knocked you over she wants you to have this."

A Special Gift



Bryan said after it aired the security guard tweeted what Thunder Rosa did and how she made things better. Thunder Rosa re-tweeted. Since that post, Bryan has been able to reach out to Thunder Rosa and thanked her for her kindness in making the situation better. There is no ill will whatsoever; the adrenaline was high and accidents can happen.

To be honest, we would have been just fine with the story of the fact that we got gifted tickets and that the incident happened with Thunder Rosa. No one was hurt and we had a blast the whole time, and Jacquelyn got to be on national TV! After the show, we were able to find the couple who gave us the tickets and told them our story and thanked them. Put good in the universe and good will come out of the universe.

You can see her in this clip below:

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