A local boudoir photographer gets millions of views on her very first TikTok.

The social media game is a strange one.  You can get your content in front of far more people on TikTok.  However, Instagram doesn't have the strict rules of TikTok.  Alicia is a boudoir photographer in Kalamazoo that quickly gained 42 thousand followers in a short time as @hushhush.boudoir on TikTok.  Boudoir photography is a fun and slightly naughty celebration of the human body.  However, showing too much skin on TikTok can get your videos pulled down quickly.  That's why you can find most of Alicia's work on IG.

With all of that being said, TikTok is clearly where everyone is finding @hushhush.boudoir.  The first video on her profile, uploaded on May 31st, has been viewed over 2.1 million times.  In this video, she shows us 3 fun boudoir poses to try.

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In the video below, Alicia gives tips on Mirror selfies to send to your boo.  She does so while wearing clothing under lingerie to keep the TikTok police off her back.  This video has been viewed nearly 109 thousand times.

Getting nearly 25 thousand views, Alicia shows us boudoir poses using an ottoman.

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