Most people remember the scene in Tommy Boy where the characters played by Chris Farley and David Spade are seen driving with a "Leaving Kalamazoo County" sign behind them during one of the transition scenes. But apparently, they weren't just passing through Kalamazoo. There is another scene with a connection to the city that was much easier to miss.

In the hit 1995 road trip comedy film, Tommy and Richard are traversing the Midwest in a desperate attempt to make quick sales of brake pads and help save the auto parts manufacturing business of Tommy's late father based in Sandusky, Ohio.

Just over an hour into the film, and less than a minute before the "Leaving Kalamazoo County" scene, Tommy checks in with his co-worker and love interest Michelle to see the status of their sales efforts.

On the computer screen in Michelle's office, it shows two fictional Kalamazoo auto parts stores with fictional addresses:

  • Dexter Automotive - 3837 Baldwin Ave. - Kalamazoo, MI - 4,000 pads
  • Car Care Outlet - 5458 Lower Azusa Blvd. - Kalamazoo County, MI - 1,400 pads

So Kalamazoo played a big part (5,400 brake pads!) in helping Tommy, who is believed to have eaten paint chips as a kid, save his father's business. Holy schnike!

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