Well the Lions are coming off a bye week. Should be well rested and ready to lose...er I mean, take on the Jaguars of Jacksonville.  At 1-3 so far for the season, it goes without saying the Lions need this one.

But just in case the bye week isn't enough to get a win against Jacksonville, use the following 10 Lions jokes we collected from listeners to give yourself a laugh and get you through to next week.

TOP 10 Lions Jokes Too Painful To Hear:

10) A Detroit Lions player doesn't usually eat pastries but when he does...its usually a turnover. (Bill from Portage)

9) I took my broken vacuum back to the store - they put a Lions jersey on it and now it sucks again. (Lisa from K-Zoo)

8) What's the best thing about dating a Lions fan? She won't be asking for a ring. (Mark V. from Marshall)

7) How do you keep a Detroit Lions player out of your yard? Put up goal posts. (Lea from Battle Creek)

6) What does a Detroit Lions fan do when his team has won the Super Bowl? He shuts off the Play Station. (Ryan from K-Zoo)

5) Why don't the Detroit Lions have a web site? Because they can't string three "W's" together. (Richard from Albion)

4) Why do Detroit Lions fans keep their ticket stubs on the dashboard? So they can park in handicap zones. (William from K-Zoo)

3) What do the Post Office and the Detroit Lions have in common? Neither deliver on Sunday. (Lucas from Paw Paw) 

2) What's the best way to teach your dog how to play dead? Have him watch a few Lions games. (Archer from K-Zoo)

1) Why doesn't Kalamazoo have a professional football team?  Because then Detroit would want one. (Mac from Comstock Twp)

Please feel free to leave us your favorite Lions joke and Go Lions!!!!

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