After attending the Packers first preseason game of 2018, the next day my wife and I returned to Lambeau Field to take the Champions tour of the historic stadium.The Packers offer three different tours of the stadium we were on the Champions tour.  All of their tours begin in the newest part of the stadium the atrium, which also features the Packers Hall of Fame.

The atrium is a new addition to the stadium in 2015.  Lambeau Field has been around since 1957.

Even if you are not a fan of the team any of the tours are well worth it.  This tour we were on took us not only through out most of the stadium, but we also had the chance to see inside a suite.   They took us up under the south scoreboard and we also got to see inside the teams stadium club.

The highlight for me was we got to walk through the teams tunnel, where many Packers greats have walked.  We also were allowed to walk along the visitors sideline.  Our tour guide was great and very knowledgeable on the history of the team.

Not bad for a town that features just over 100,000 people.  A team that is community owned with over 360,000 stake holders and has a waiting list for season tickets over 135,000.

Other than our train tour in Ontario this was the main highlight of my recent vacation.  If you are a sports fan you will love this tour.

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