Traverse City is one of the best cities in Michigan to visit during the Summer. In the winter time I definitely feel bad for the year-round residents but I feel like the payoff when they have good weather makes it all worth it. Apart from all the beaches, fishing and festivities that go down, the wineries and orchards are some of the main attractions, especially on Old Mission peninsula. There's one orchard in particular that's got a pretty funny sign, which I think is actually supposed to be taken literally.

Twin Maples Farm at 16625 Center in known for their Honeycrisp apples and their maple syrup but there is a particularly funny sign that sits by the entrance that informs drivers making U-turns on the road that it doesn't come for free, at least not on their property. It reads:

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I don't think I've ever seen a sign quite like this and something tells me this is something they had specially made after seeing countless amounts of people making u-turns on center. On the road, it's one lane north and one lane south, so it's understandable why people would need to turn around at some point without travelling all the way to the end of the peninsula, but it's still hilarious.

There's lots happening this summer up there including the Traverse City Cherry Festival, so if you want to snag your own photo, head north on Center Rd/M-37 and it'll be on the left hand side past Ladd rd. Just make sure you have two quarters if you plan on turning right around.

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