There's a video that was just uploaded of a recent lightning storm in Traverse City and while capturing the action, he may have inadvertently captured a UFO flying through the storm. The video, which was uploaded by Nate Taylor lasts 37 seconds is shocking in that when you view it on a computer screen, you can clearly see the shadow of the UFO fly from the middle left of the frame, across the middle then slope down and to the right. The shadow first comes into view at around the 13 second mark.

Check out his video below:

What do you think?

Personally I believe in intelligent life in outer space and consider it a very good possibility that if this indeed was a UFO harboring intelligent life, they may have been interested in the weather happening in the Cherry Capital .

There is actually a super short documentary on Netflix about a guy named John Shepard who grew up in northern Michigan and it's a short story (16 minutes) about his search for alien life. Maybe John should pack up and head down to TC to see if he accomplish his dream.

Michigan has a long history of infamous UFO sightings and this one may just be the hottest one on the internet right now. I'm interested to see what the people of Traverse City have to say about the video and if they've ever encountered anything otherworldly in the past. Whatever you believe it is, the fact you can see its shadow moving in the dark and it maintains a stable trajectory means is a pretty solid object.

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