With all four major teams in Detroit rebuilding, the next big thing to follow for each team is the upcoming drafts for this year. 

First up for Detroit teams is the Lions with the 2020 NFL draft in Las Vegas.   The draft will take place on Thursday, April 23rd through Saturday April 25th.

As of now the Lions have the third overall pick in the first round.   It will be interesting to see what the Lions do with that pick.

The Tigers will have another number one overall pick when the MLB draft takes place June 10th through June 12th in Omaha, Nebraska.

The Tigers hopefully will select a bat to go along with their young pitching core.

Like the Tigers, the Red Wings have a chance to have the overall number one pick.   It depends on the draft lottery where the Red Wings have an 18.5% chance at the top pick.  The NHL draft will be June 21st & 22nd in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Pistons should also have a great chance at a top pick.   Like the Red Wings, they should be a part of the NBA Draft Lottery and a chance at a top pick.  The NBA draft will be on June 25th in Brooklyn, New York.

We will have to wait a few years to see if these drafts will make a difference.  With all the teams at or near the bottom,  lets hope all the teams continue to improve.

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