Game one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs began last night and the home team had one of the more interesting and memorable opening ceremonies i've  seen for a playoff game in the NHL.

The playoffs feature the home team Vegas Golden Knights against the Washington Capitals.  The opening ceremony featured a medieval theme that looked like the team raided the cast of the Tournament of Kings show at Excalibur.

It had knights fighting on the ice,  archers shooting flaming arrows from the castle and a catapult launching boulders towards skaters representing the Capitals players.  I have no clue how any team in the future will top this.  It was a total Vegas production.

The Golden Knights picked up the win in game one 6-4 and two of those goals were scored by former Grand Rapids Griffins/ Detroit Red Wings forward Tomas Nosek.

The Knights also have former Red Wings forward, Tomas Tatar.  He was not in the lineup in game one.

This looks like it will be a fun Stanley Cup final that I hope goes seven games.   What did you think of this very Vegas opening ceremony?

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