Social Media has many ups and downs. On one hand it has now given everyone a platform, many times used to spread anger and hatred. But on the other, there are some out there who still use Facebook the way it was originally intended, to communicate with the people in your circle of friends to stay in touch and communicate. Yes, there was once a time where our news feeds weren't filled with political pot stirring, ads you don't want to see and nonsense that has no irrelevance to your life. This story jumped out at me and I'm happy I was there to see it.

A Family Fare in Vicksburg, located at 120 W Prairie St has an employee who came across a plush, pinkish puppy stuffed animal that wasn't apart of the inventory. Knowing most likely that it had been left behind by a child, they took to the Facebook group "Vicksburg Michigan: Around the Village" to see if anyone recognized the stuffed animal:

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Stavros Daniel Facrebook
Stavros Daniel Facrebook

I'm Lost!
Please Help Me Find My Human
Found on 2/14 at Vicksburg Family Fare; If I Belong To You, Please Call The Store At 269-649-1698


Thanks to the efforts of the people of Family Fare and the over 300 people who helped share the photo, the puppy was returned to its owner who gave a it a giant hug after being without it for so long.

THIS. This is what we need more of on social media. Helping each other out and looking out for each other, that's what's going to make this a nicer place to spend time on.

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