I swear that nobody on the planet has weirder or more out-of-place pets than people from Detroit. A new video (seen below) has made its way to TikTok showing a man crossing 7 Mile Rd in Detroit riding what appears to be his pet cow. The video is by no means safe for work in terms of language, but the thing is seriously hilarious.

According to a couple of people in the comment section of the video, the cow's name is Hope. The rider's name is Will and apparently, she's from Pingree Farms on 7 Mile. The owner is said to be pretty nice and welcoming with his farm animals:

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I met him, he came to the little festival they had at the log cabin! He let one of the dancers sit on the cow, they had me take their picture

Other Oddities

There have been some other videos throughout the years to go viral showing other strange animals that people in Detroit own. A few years back a video went viral showing a man from Detroit bringing his pet goat on the bus with him. Then there is the infamous video of a Detroit man leashing a friggin' kangaroo and taking it for a hop down the street.

All these crazy videos can be seen below. You just have to appreciate the ability these folks have to maintain such interesting animals for us to enjoy watching on the internet.


@.riley222 Have you ever seen a cow cross Woodward? #detroit #fyp #7mile #woodward #cow ♬ original sound - Riley Lackie

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