One of the parks to check out in the Battle Creek Area is the Historic Bridge Park in Battle Creek.

If you have never been there, it features 5 historic truss bridges that have been relocated to the park and restored. Most of the bridges there I never had the chance to see in their original locations.

The one bridge I remember seeing in its original location is the Charlotte Highway Bridge. This bridge was originally over the Grand River in Ionia County near Portland. I remember going to Portland a lot during my childhood and riding over that bridge.

The other highlight for me  is the Dixon Bridge, which is a historic stone arch railroad overpass.

This is a nice park that is along the Kalamazoo River. If you have never been there it is worth checking out.  It is in Battle Creek just off of Wattles Road (9 Mile Road) in Emmett Township.

Photo by Mrs. Fly
Photo by Mrs. Fly

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