I can remember being a young driver and being able to pick out a State Police Car ("Statie") at a distance in the event I was exceeding the speed limit which was most of the time.  As with other law enforcement vehicles, you got to know them.  They had a very specific look and were usually a vehicle that your dad or grandfather would drive.  Then at some point, the state decided to make a change and, if I'm not mistaken, switched to the Camero and really threw a wrench into the mix.  At that point, we didn't know what to look for anymore.

Now the Boys In Blue drive the Dodge Charger and according to freep.com there's actually a competition for best looking State Police Cruiser in the country.  As it stands right now, Nebraska is in the lead with 49,554 votes followed by Michigan with 39,559 votes.  Frankly, I didn't even know there was a competition but now that I do we have to beat those losers from Nebraska right???.  Click HERE for more information and how to vote.


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