Another closure has hit Kalamazoo and it appears that the Walgreens that was on the corner of Gull Road and Riverview Drive has permanently closed and is no longer selling any goods.

While driving over the weekend, I noticed signage on the door and noticed that all the external lettering from the building on their drive-through and the main Walgreens logo had been removed. This is just one of the many businesses that throughout the past few years have closed down or are looking to sell on Riverview Drive. One has to wonder why these businesses are seemingly failing.

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TSM Mark Frankhouse
TSM Mark Frankhouse

Why Are Riverview Dr Businesses In Kalamazoo Closing?

Is it because that area of the town seems to be unsafe? Is it the current economic situation that the area is affected by which is leading to fewer people shopping? It wasn’t long ago that the McDonald’s had closed down and if a place like that is shutting down you know you have issues.

Lots of Food Is Keeping It Alive

Currently, the only thing keeping the area alive are food places. Lee’s Famous Chicken, South China Restaurant, Greg’s Gourmet Dishes, Grub N Stuff, and Fish Express are all within a block of each other, while AutoZone is still doing everything it can to stay alive as well.

Do you think Riverview Drive in Kalamazoo is doomed to lose all of its business eventually or do you think that the area can make a comeback? Hopefully, we won't see any more businesses close in the area.

7 Kalamazoo Small Businesses Closing Before The End of 2023

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