Remember as a kid getting thrown outside and told not to come back in until supper (or when it got dark, whichever came first) by your parents? And god help you if you had to go to bathroom because now you're going to get yelled at for going in and out all day. Parents...they just don't understand. Or do they?

As cold and uncaring as get outside and don't come back in till supper sounded, it was probably one of the best things a parent could've done for us. Well, at least to stop us from getting sick so much.

Microbial diversity is what Finnish researchers are calling it and they are saying when a child is exposed to lots of microbial diversity, the child's immune system gets a workout. Yes a real work out, you know like exercise. The exercised immune system gets leaner, meaner and stronger. Not quite able to leap tall buildings strong but you get my point. Finnish researchers say by simply exposing the child to different living environments its possible to improve the development of their immune systems.

The research is published in the journal Science Advances and was conducted by a large team including experts in medicine, ecology and urban planning. The children were between three and five years old and spread between 10 similar daycare centers. -The Guardian

In just 28 days healthier immune systems were found in children whose playgrounds were integrated with greener forest-like vegetation and soil versus children whose playgrounds were left dry, barren and empty.

So the next time everyone around you gets sick and you don't, be sure to send a thank you note to your parents for throwing your butt outside and making a you healthier annoying kid.

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