If you have to work early in the morning, you’ve no doubt felt the need to get your car warmed up already as temperatures in the early morning have dropped since fall began. As we get into fall and get closer to winter, it’s time we settle the debate on whether or not it’s illegal to warm up your car in the driveway. Back in 2017, a man from Roseville, Michigan left his car running in his driveway and when he came out he found a $128 ticket on his car.

This parks a lot of debate online as the post sharing this incident was shared nearly 14,000 times. It was later in the year 2017 when owners could no longer be ticketed for leaving their cars unattended, while they warmed up their car unless it was locked and they had a remote start to their vehicle. So now we get to the main question.
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Is it Illegal to Warm Your Car Up in Your Driveway in Michigan?

Luckily because the law was changed, vehicle owners can now warm up their vehicles in their driveways without the risk of getting a ticket.

Unfortunately, this law only applies to your personal driveway, and NOT public or business parking lots and on private roads. Those cars can still be ticketed by police in order to avoid car thefts, which makes absolutely no sense, but there you go.

What's The Point of Ticketing Owners For Warming Up Their Car?

Is there a logical point to ticketing a driver who is warming up their car in a business parking lot? I know they say it's to protect the driver, but that makes no sense. I personally feel it's because of the resources needed to track down the vehicle in case it were to go missing. So that's ticketing someone in a hypothetical situation, which baffles me.

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