At first, the whole concept of Airbnb seemed a little strange.  You let complete strangers stay in your house for a price.  Then I realized that condo owners in prime vacation spots rent out their place on a regular basis as a matter of business.  Still, it's a vacation condo not your actual home.  Then we found out earlier this year that there is a business in Michigan that does Uber for boats.  Not everybody owns a boat and may not want to so why not get one for a week or a weekend.  Sounds reasonable.  So what's next?

How about Airbnb for swimming pools.  Now this may just be the right thing at the right time.  How many times already this summer did non-pool owners think: "If only I could just take a dip for a couple hours today with it being over 100 degrees with the heat index"?  In an article on, there's a website called that lets you search for pools in various cities with the option to rent by the hour.  You get to swim and pool owners make a little coin.  So far, the closest pool is in Grand Rapids. Check it out by clicking HERE.

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