When you're working in media - TV, radio, etc. - there's a zone that you tend to lock into when you're on the air. You have to focus on the task ahead and make sure your message is delivered with as few distractions as possible for your audience. You want them to listen to YOU.

But when you're live on air, and a cat invades your space... it's hard to stay focused. And that happened to a West Michigan reporter while giving an update on our impending winter weather storm this week.

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Meteorologist Blake Hansen was just giving his Monday morning update for WZZM-13 in their studio in Grant, MI. In fact, he was out on their weather deck, which overlooks the station's parking lot.

Right in the middle of explaining the severity of the incoming winter storm, he suddenly jumps back, his eyes widen, and practically SCREAMS the next line of his weather report. When looking back to his monitor to his right, he saw a cat streaking across the deck in front of him, scaring him LIVE ON AIR in front of everybody.

All told, he kept his cool pretty well, considering he was standing outside, very early in the morning, and literally any kind of creature could have run in front of him.

When asked about the incident, he said he laughed it off pretty quick... though the rest of the news crew was not as quick to let it go.

"It was the last weather deck hit of the morning show. I felt like I was hearing something, but it was Monday morning, I was trying to catch up on coffee. About a minute into the forecast, I heard a branch snapping. All of a sudden, I was getting into the snow and ice that's coming and just to the right of the camera, I see something dart onto the weather deck.
"It was hilarious. I had to get right back into (the weather). Once I came back inside, everybody just was all laughing. I was the scaredy-cat this morning."

But one wonders, what IF it wasn't a cat, and it turned out to be a skunk, or raccoon... or even something bigger. Would he have been able to keep his cool then?

I know what I would have done...

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