Four little words will always give my heart a flutter: Westnedge Hill Garage Sale. This neighborhood garage sale is NOT for the frugal faint of heart. If you want deals, steals, or just to get out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather, this Saturday (5/5), plan on being there... and wear very comfortable shoes.

What I really like about this particular neighborhood garage sale experience is that the whole neighborhood seems to get involved. Even if someone has no personal items to sell, they opt to set up a lemonade stand, or sell PB&Js. Plus, everything is so reasonably priced; no one in the neighborhood is looking to make a fortune off their thrifty customers. Two years ago I got a sweet cabinet for under my television for $5. That was not a typo; that's how great the deals are.

Take my advice from years past:

  • bring extra shopping bags
  • bring just a wallet and leave your handbag at home
  • come hungry - there are bound to be Scout Troop fundraisers slinging hot dogs

See you there... and sorry in advance for what I said when I was haggling.

Bonus Video - Project Pocketwatch

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