A TV star that’s a part of many families evenings will soon be an even more integral part of a southern Michigan college.

Hillsdale College’s Collegian newspaper says that the school’s Board of Trustees will soon be headed up by Pat Sajak, the host of Wheel of Fortune. According to the paper, Sajak has been on the Board of Trustees for 15 years and will be replacing current Chairman William Brodbeck; Brodbeck will remain on the board, just not as Chair.

Sajak doesn’t have a degree from Hillsdale, but has been heavily involved in the college for quite a while. Under his leadership, he plans to continue renovations of the school’s physical campus in Hillsdale County, which is about 50 miles southeast of Battle Creek; he also wants to expand their national presence, as much of their funding comes from people who have never been to the school.

The new job won’t interfere with Pat Sajak’s time on TV; he's been the host of the syndicated hit Wheel of Fortune since 1981.

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