As I watched the Tigers lose to the A's this past weekend I was wondering where is the best place to watch a game at Comerica Park?

I have had the chance to see many games at the ballpark.  Usually if we go to a game there, my wife and I sit in the bleachers in right field.  I have also had the chance to see games in the third deck as well as by the bullpens in left field.

My choice for favorite seats would be the bleachers.   It is easy to get to these seats in Comerica Park.   You also have a pretty good view of the entire field and of the video board in left.

I also like that you have a good choice of food and drink close to that area of the park.

Photo by Mrs. Fly
Photo by Mrs. Fly

My least favorite area would be the section by the bullpens.  Yes it is a good place to catch home runs, but you can't really see the video board unless you turn around.

With the team being down again this year, it will be easy to sit where you want for a game.   Where is your favorite place to watch a game at Comerica Park?







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