Well, having a conversation with coworkers about Kalamazoo County, and some of the hidden gems within it, a weird thought, popped into my head that I had never thought of before, and that is if it is possible to not just leave the county, but swim out of the county.

Surely there have to be bodies of water that border the county that you can technically swim in and swim out of the county. It turns out I was right actually as there are at least a dozen different ways and areas that you can swim out of Kalamazoo County.

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Now, the ability to do so varies on whether or not the water is deep enough to physically swim through and also whether or not it is in a public area. There are some areas that are just straight-up drainage, so I clearly was not about to add that as a swimming option. But regardless, there are many ways to swim out of Kalamazoo County, and here are all the ways to do it.

Here's Where You Can Swim out of Kalamazoo County

Granted there are also some smaller creeks and drains that are there, but that's either gonna be a shallow swim or really nasty...

It goes without saying but to be clear, some of these bodies of water may reside on private property or within a dangerous area of land, so always use good judgment when coming up with a dumb idea like swimming out of the county, based on an article some goofball wrote for the radio station.

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