With the announcement that The Beatles are getting their own pinball machine, I was starting to think through who should be next on the list to have their own game. 

Pinball and music have been linked together since the early days of pinball.    It seems like every major artist has had their own game from AC/DC to Kiss to Metallica and even Ted Nugent have had games released over the years.

In recent years we have seen machines from Aerosmith, Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden.

Who should be next?   I would love to see something from a band like Queen.  You could use select songs from the band and have their logo and images from their albums featured in the game.  The "News Of The World" cover would be a great theme.

With Alice Cooper putting out his own game I'm surprised Ozzy Osbourne hasn't had one of his own.  I know they had their own slot machine recently but I think a ZZ Top themed pinball would be cool.

Rush would also be an interesting game maybe a 2112 themed machine?   I guess it would be what the demand would be for these especially with the cost of the machines.

What do you think who should be next to have their own pinball?

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