It's been a year since the International Flipper Pinball Association rolled through the Mitten to see who has what it takes to represent our state in the Nationals, and they're at it again, hosting State Championship Finals this Saturday, January 19th. 24 of the best pinball players in the Mitten will battle it out for more than glory and bragging rights; $62,000 worth of prizes are on the table.

According to a press release from the International Flipper Pinball Association, presient Josh Sharpe says, quote:

Pinball remains the quintessential challenge of man versus machine and this has never been more evident than the new locations and businesses opening their arms to the magic of the silver ball with the net result that millions of players are taking part in this totally immersive and tactile experience that defines pinball.


Championships are not open to the public and therefore the location is super secret. But if you want to put your mad flipping skills to the test, check out One Well Brewing, Revel and Roll, or Beer Exchange. For more information on IFPA, click here.

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