The new CBS Sunday cop drama Battle Creek has won rave reviews so far, but why did Vince Gilligan choose the Cereal City has the locale for the series?

But it's the answer David Shore gives at the end that will make you proud to be from Michigan.

In a video promoting the show, the producers and some of the actors talk about the Michigan city of Battle Creek and why it's the perfect place to set the news show, which has been doing pretty well since it's debut in January.

Besides being intrigued by the name, the crew seem to think that the grit and determination of Michigan people is the main reason for the setting of the program.

At the end of the piece, executive producer David Shore gives the town and the state his undying admiration:

That's an area of this country that has been, can I say it, p***ed on for years, they have so many troubles there, and you don't get a sense of depression from them, you don't get a sense of sadness, you get a sense of optimism and hope and we got our family and this is our home and we're proud of our home, we're proud of being from here and we're proud of what this place stands for, and THAT'S the feeling that I want to recreate for this (show). That's a universal notion that I think is so beautifully personified within communities like this. So it's about hope."

He may being blowing smoke up our skirt, but I'm getting a little misty after that.

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