Whether you know him as Phil Yagoda from Entourage, Alex Mahone from Prison Break, Colonel Willie Sharp from Armageddon, or Stefani Bishop's personal favorite, Burke from Go, William Fichtner is more of a household face than a household name. With credits going back 30 years, Fichtner has created memorable performances for both the big and small screens, and Cold Brook, his latest film, is no exception. Cold Brook follows the story of Ted and Hilde, two small down guys who head out on an extraordinary adventure and risk everything for a stranger. A labor of love over many years, William Fichtner will join Mike McKelly and Stefani Bishop from the Rocker Morning Show, Thursday, November 14th, just after 7:00 to talk about Cold Brook, what it was like to work with Kim Coates, and how the perfect cast came together thanks to his wife.

Don't miss the exclusive Rocker Morning Show interview with William Fichnter, Thursday, November 14th, just after 7:00.

Bonus Video: COLD BROOK Official Trailer (2019) William Fichnter, Drama Movie HD


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