The second season of CW's In the Dark premieres tonight. It follows the story of Murphy, disheveled, addicted blind woman who gets caught up with a drug ring while trying to find answers in the death of her friend. The show's star, Perry Mattfeld, spoke with Stefani Bishop on the Rocker Morning Show about the show and how much she appreciates fans of this show.

The pandemic has shelved filming on a lot of projects, but it looks like when actors are able to return to work, Mattfeld will be working on season 3. "We were renewed for season 3 while we were still filming season 2. Obviously this has been a challenging time for everyone, but just knowing that I get to go back to work, I'm totally good with that."

Regarding the look, feel, and tone of In the Dark, Mattfeld says it stands alone. "There's nothing really like it on TW. I'm really proud of the CW for championing a show that is so unique and different and shot like an indie. Dark comedy, definitely. Season 2 goes more into the crime/thriller genre, but season 1 we follow an alcoholic, messy, very raw, sarcastic blind woman who, because of the death of one of her close friends, gets kind of tangled in to an underground drug trade that she wouldn't have been involved with if she didn't start trying to find out what happened to here friend."

Her character, Murphy Mason, is not your typical leading lady role. "I have a appreciated a lot of people that have reached out to me during the pandemic or just during challenging times and saying 'thank you for showing Murphy with greasy hair. Thank you for showing a real imperfect antihero.'

"What has meant the most to me are the people that have reached out to me not only from the blind community but people that have reached out to me to say they really appreciate Murphy, that they appreciate that she's unapologetically herself."

Find out why Perry Mattfeld says "I love season 1. I love season 2 more." Tune in to the season 2 premiere and listen to the full Rocker Morning Show interview below.

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