Dinosaurs are some of the most fascinating and incredible discoveries that paleontologists came to discover. Sadly, No dinosaur fossils are known to have been discovered or preserved in Michigan, as there aren't any surface rocks of the right age to preserve them, but that doesn't stop people from bringing them to life before us. That's just what is happening in Kalamazoo at WMU's campus with a free dinosaur park, featuring five different dinosaurs which includes a sign with facts about the animal including its speed, diet, and prehistoric time period.

Where Is Dinosaur Park?

According to Kzoo Kids, Dinosaur Park is located just east of Rood Hall on Western Michigan University’s campus.

What Dinosaurs Are Featured?

Dinosaur Park At WMU Campus

What's Still To Come?

They're planning on not only adding more dinosaurs, but also dino footprints that lead you from dino to dino, and other geological activities, over the next few years. Until it's finished, you can check the pictures of the abandoned pre-historic forest, in Michigan, below.

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