A Detroit pizzeria is cooking up a world record for the world's largest delivery pizza- it's bigger than your mom!

Mallie's gargantuan 6 foot plus sized pizza was big enough to get the Today show talking. The suburban Detroit bar kneeded 50 pounds of dough, then raked 35 pounds of cheese across the 36 square foot square pie. The culinary artists/shot-pourers topped it with 20 pounds of tomato sauce and pitched pepperoni and other toppings onto the flatbread. The final creation weighed in at about 100 pounds, equaling an average 13 year old and, at 6 feet tall, it's probably bigger than your mom.

Cooked in what looks like a shipping container, the pizza pie was dished up on Valentine's Day for the Southgate Fire Department, but if you live within 5 miles of Mallie's they offer free delivery for this monster. The pizza itself will cost you $300 (+$50 for meat toppings, +35 for veggies). Don't forget the tip.

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