Hey, Rocker Morning Show listeners!  Hopefully most of you had finished breakfast when Mike and I talked about the 10 weirdest food combinations people have actually eaten. If you missed it, how would you like to try pickles dipped in orange juice?  How about Ritz crackers with peanut butter and ketchup?  No?  Could I interest you in a grape jelly and mayo sandwich?  I'll wait until you're done dry heaving...

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The whole thing got me thinking; do I eat something strange?  As a kid, my mother used to make a comfort food dish called "Tuna Sh*t" - one can of cream of mushroom soup, one can of tuna (drained), frozen veggies; heat it all up and serve it over a slice of toast.  Hey... don't knock it til you've tried it.  My friend Josh's family used to make pizza using slices of white bread, about which he affectionately says, "It's not delivery, it's destruggle."  My friend Philly Bob sent me a photo just after this morning's show of saltine crackers/peanut butter/banana/jalapeno slice; he says it's fantastic.

What about you?  Eat anything horrifying?