The video is grainy and there's no sound, but members of a Harper Creek Facebook group are nostalgic about footage of the drive to school in Battle Creek, 1961.

It is a digital memorial. The Harper Creek "Remembrance Memorial" Facebook page was created "in remembrance of Harper Creek classmates and staff who have left us," and members are encouraged to "post names and pics of those whom we have lost." A group member recently shared a memory- not of a classmate, but of a building long gone: the original school.

Today's Beavers got a new facility on Beadle Lake Road, south of Battle Creek in 2005, but the original high school was dedicated in 1959. Many remember the drive past  County Park and the old Raymond Road bridge seen in the home movie clip shared to the page. It's only 38 seconds long, but it will take you back 60+ years.

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