Car theft happens all the time, but it's not often that it's a forty-seven year old classic. A note on Facebook shared the news that a 1974 AMC Hornet was stolen from a storage unit in Battle Creek. There aren't too many more details other than, if you see this red two-door AMC Hornet with a grey hood, you should call 911 or the Battle Creek Police Department.

The car in question is very similar to the one in the video below, other than there is a grey hood on the stolen vehicle. Also, the pinstripe along the side has a black strip in between two white ones, and the word "Orphan" is on the rear trunk lid just above the rear right turn signal. Again, if you see this car, just call the police.

(rockinchimp via YouTube)

There are two things that about this car that are interesting from a business and a pop culture aspect. The business aspect is that while it didn't start out in Michigan, American Motors ended its business life here in the late 1980's when it was absorbed by Chrysler, albeit all Chrysler really wanted was the Jeep brand. But former Michigan Governor George Romney was the president of AMC before becoming governor.

The pop culture story is that the 1974 Hornet was prominently featured in a big James Bond movie in the 1970's, The Man with the Golden Gun. (with Roger Moore as 007, and Clifton James as his passenger, in this car chase scene.)

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