You can't help but notice the clusters of political signage that are scattered everywhere throughout our community. They are on street corners, in open fields along highways and even scattered among the many yards in your neighborhood. The signs seem to grow like weeds especially when one side notices the other side gaining some real estate advantage.

Many who have become annoyed with the cluttered landscapes have been known to take the issue into their own hands and rid the landscape of the irritating messages. Now stealing political yard signs is nothing new but the means and measures to thwart yard sign theft is. But is it really okay to sabotage political yard signs with dangerous boobytraps?

A Commerce Township worker had to drive himself to the hospital recently after attempting to remove a couple of political signs supporting President Donald Trump. According to the worker, the political signs were in violation of a law that does not allow signage within 9 feet of the roads right-of-way and he didn't realize the signs were lined with razor blades that were taped to the edges. The worker ended up having to get 13 stitches for his efforts.

According to US Legal it is against the law to boobytrap anything in your yard or home. It would make you liable for any harm or injury that would befall an individual as a result. The booby trap idea is really not a good idea given harm could come to children, animals or more likely...yourself.

Probably best to do your best to remain calm and wait out the next several weeks as the political season will soon be over, well at least for another two years.

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